3 strategies for improving plant production

The average manufacturing plant operates at around 50% production efficiency – which means about half of equipment and labor resources are actually wasted each year (with a huge chunk of that waste attributed to unplanned downtime). That’s a big hit to any bottom line, and so it makes sense that plant operators are constantly in search of productivity boosters. Make that happen with these three proven strategies for enhancing production efficiency without sacrificing equipment or safety.


No. 1: Prevent downtime with an effective SPS.

Technology has come a long way in controlling risks related to silo ruptures and other common issues like blocked PRVs, powder blowout or filter obstructions. It takes only a small increase in internal pressure (as little as 1 psi) to rupture a silo or blow the filter unit off the roof – leading to costly equipment damage and putting employees’ safety at risk. And it happens thousands of times every year.

The right Silo Protection System can help eliminate those dangers, decreasing downtime caused by equipment failure while streamlining the filling process and protecting your team. The SHIELD SPS from Hycontrol, with its patented Ground-Level Testing feature, does all of that and more:

  • Improves site safety by reducing climbing needs and silo over-pressurization risks
  • Automatic shutoff in the event of pressure spikes, with a 30-second warning for high-level events
  • Comprehensive event logging allows service engineers to tackle system issues before they become problems
  • Reduces maintenance and service costs by testing the whole system in six seconds
  • Improves environmental protection quality through large-scale reduction of product emissions
  • Easy-to-use one-key button ground-level test system guarantees complete silo protection and will not allow filling unless all safety components are proven functional
  • Monitors driver behavior and performance with advanced diagnostics. Site managers are alerted of dangerous filling practices
  • Unique pressure sensor detects vacuum formation, fully opening the valve to remove the vacuum before silo damage occurs

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No. 2: Explore advanced automation controls

Efficient production only benefits your bottom line if product quality is also maintained, and that requires precise control and effective production management. That’s why Standley Batch offers advanced automation, like EGAN’s Intellibatch system, which provides a full range of control systems customized to plant needs. With Intellibatch, plants benefit from:

  • An intuitive user-interface and configurability that maximizes your plant’s productivity while increasing efficiency and quality.
  • Clear and informative settings, alarms, and system events
  • System control from anywhere with tablets and remote operations stations
  • State-of-the-art mix design tools that allow full control with customizable water addition stages and parameters
  • Enhanced security features that allow only authorized personnel to edit mix design and make system changes
  • Proper routine maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime with Intellibatch’s Maintenance Reminder System

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No. 3: Evaluate plant layout and future production needs

Facilities layout is always a key component in plant efficiency. After 80 years in the industry, Standley Batch has developed unique expertise in custom plant design and retrofits.

Whether you’re looking at building from the ground up or adapting a current facility, our goal is always to meet your current needs but also set you up for future growth as well, and that starts with the most efficient production layout possible.

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