4 Benefits of Automation

From paper to cement, glass to food processing, industries utilizing plant automation continue to grow. And so do the advantages – like accessing data and other key information off-site. It’s no longer necessary for plant operators to manually monitor performance values and the output quality to determine the best settings for running production equipment. With automation controls, manufacturers benefit from:

Minimizing overall costs and enhancing productivity: Automation systems continually collect data on everything from temperatures to pressures and flows. That information is stored for monitoring and analysis, removing the guesswork factor and allowing for optimal production.

Improved energy efficiency: With access to production data and enhanced control comes opportunity for improved efficiency. The technology behind automation controls allows plants to reduce energy costs as well as carbon footprint, and also monitor overall equipment effectiveness.

Decreased downtime: Preventative maintenance goes a long way in reducing unplanned downtime, but there’s actually more plants can do to minimize production stops. Integrating plant automation controls allows operators to better monitor equipment and even predict when maintenance will be needed based on factors like vibration, temperature, heat and light conditions. 

Customization: Automation systems and field control devices, and all the benefits that come with them, can be utilized for both new plant designs and existing plants.

Standley Batch offers a comprehensive range of control systems, customized to our customers’ needs with a variety of configurations and options, such as touch-screen and/or computer-based interface, web-based remote diagnostics, and service, electronic database data collection, printing, Industrial Ethernet connectivity, remote i/o drops, plant floor call boxes and more. Batching control systems also feature an industrial PLC (programmable logic controller).

In addition, we offer a full line of field control devices for every application – aggregate and mixer moisture control, level indication, web-based plant monitoring, aggregate handling, dry cast machine controls, concrete color handling, and more.

Learn more about automation options from Standley Batch: www.StandleyBatch.com

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