6 key benefits of Hycontrol’s SHIELD silo protection system

When it comes to employee and equipment safety, the SHIELD silo protection system from Hycontrol has revolutionized how plants operate. This turn-key system provides control and test functions to prevent silo over-pressurization and filter blinding, and comes packed with operational advantages.

#1 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: SHIELD reduces environmental emissions through properly controlled deliveries.

#2 FASTER & SAFER: Shield’s unique Ground Level Testing (GLT) technology checks the whole system in six seconds, reducing maintenance time and service costs. Plus, the easy-to-use GLT guarantees complete silo protection. Filling is prevented unless all safety components are proven fully functional, removing the risk for human error.

#3 IMPROVED PRESSURE AND VACUUM CONTROL: The system’s pressure sensor detects not only pressure but also vacuum. If this condition is detected, it will fully open both the inlet and pressure relief valves to remove the vacuum before silo damage occurs. In fact, the SHIELD system is the only SPS that not only meets, but exceeds, industry safety guidelines.

#4 REDUCES WORKING AT HEIGHT: The SHIELD SPS reduces the need for employees to work at height for routine inspections and tests thanks to the Ground Level Testing feature.

#5 COMPREHENSIVE EVENT LOGGING: Without the right controls in place, silos can rupture at pressures above 1 psi. This feature helps further prevent override attempts and other protocol violations – removing the risk of silo pressure damage.

#6 FAILSAFE DESIGN AND SYSTEM OPERATION: Operators will always know if there’s a problem before or during a fill, without creating risk. the result of decades of silo pressure technology expertise, SHIELD is the advanced SPS on the market today. The compact design is simple to install, without compromising any of its outstanding features. Wondering if the SHIELD silo protection system might be right for your plant? Schedule a call with silo safety systems expert Jim Mantz from Standley Batch: https://standleybatch.com/hycontrol/

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