6 ways the Standley Batch Multi-Flow Color System will improve production

You know that old saying: Time is money? It’s true, especially in the concrete industry. Which means how you dispense color can have a significant impact on your bottom line. That’s why Standley Batch created the Multi-Flow Color System, a color pigment system that’s not only fast and clean for mixing powders or granules, but allows you to switch between the two with zero modification or downtime.

And most importantly: The Stanley Batch Multi-Flow Color System offers unparalleled batching accuracy for consistency from panel to panel, batch to batch, month to month. Each batch is individually weighed for consistent color, reducing labor costs on high-volume jobs.

Additionally, your plant will benefit from the Multi-Flow System’s:

  1. Speed – the Multi-Flow Color system offers fast color dispensing, between 125 BBL – 1400 BBL. This is perfect for mixing powders and granules with zero modifications or downtime.
  2. Large volume production – Holds up to 250 lbs. slurry, 150 lbs. g-grade or 150 lbs. c-grade dry.
  3. Rapid formula changeover – Thanks to the stainless-steel construction, a rinse ring on the blending vessel, and easy door access, complete cleanouts are possible after each batch.
  4. Versatility – Mixers can be located as far as 80 ft. away and 40 ft. above the dispenser vessel.
  5. Flexibility – Store up to 400 color formulas, with optional expansion.
  6. Easy dispensing – Material is dispensed to each mixer by flexible or rigid tubing.


The Multi-Flow Color System is a gamechanger for blocks and paver plants, precast/prestressed plants, bagging plants and more. Find out if it’s right for your operation here.  




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