8 Reasons For Choosing Precast Concrete

To put it simple, precast concrete is a structure pre-manufactured at a plant and transported to the construction site to be used. Usually, concrete structures are poured, molded, and cured on-site. We want to share with you 8 reasons for choosing precast concrete:

  1. Safe: Not only do concrete structures prevent the spread of fire from one room to the next, they resist impacts, blasts, earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods.
  1. Healthy: Healthy? How could concrete be healthy? Concrete structures do not need chemical treatment to prevent rotting or insect attack. In turn, there are no emissions in the internal environment.
  1. Versatile: The options are endless. From different finishes, color ranges, and unique shapes precast concrete allows for thousands of different designs to meet your needs.
  1. Ecological: No matter how heavily reinforced, almost one hundred percent of a concrete structure can be recycled. Concrete is made of natural raw materials available in large quantities.
  1. Durable: There are numerous structures ancient Egyptians built using a form of concrete that are still around today. Using precast concrete allows designers to maximize durability.
  1. Affordable: Most of the cost associated with precast concrete comes from the factory of production and a relatively inexpensive materials bill. Choose a plant that will ensure quality of the concrete structure you are building.
  1. Sustainable: Precast concrete adheres to the three pillars of our society. People (provides jobs), profit (equity), and planet (natural resources). Without these three pillars, precast concrete could not be considered sustainable.
  1. Quick: Precast concrete structures can be cast in the factory before the foundation of the project is even poured allowing for an on-time delivery.

From planning and design, the team at Standley Batch can create a custom precast and prestressed concrete plant to your exact needs. We also offer updates and retrofit for all current plants. All proudly made at Standley Batch in Cape Girardeau, MO, USA. Contact Standley Batch at (800) 325-8084 or visit www.standleybatch.com for more information.

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