A Quick Guide to Rapid Mixers

Just as the KitchenAid stand mixer revolutionized baking in 1919, Rapid has been leading the concrete industry’s mixing needs since 1969. Rapid is an international company revered for mixing technology know-how and their mixing equipment, which you can order through Standley Batch.

The right mixer for your cement plant can make or break your plant’s output and efficiency. Investing in or upgrading to Rapid’s innovative mixers will keep your company competitive and productive while generating superior homogenized mixes.

The high capacity Rapid Pan Mixer mixer offers large yields suited perfectly for the ready mix industry. Other features include sturdy chill cast wear sleeves and paddles, heavy duty discharge door mechanisms and spring tensioned mixing arms.

For smaller batches, precast products and mixing semi-dry colored concrete, the Rapid Planetary Mixer is the best equipment. With this mixer, the motor and gearbox are on top of the machine meaning easier and safer cleaning maintenance.

Known for its fast mixing time the Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer is compact enough to fit in your existing plant but powerful enough to mix all of your aggregates thoroughly. To make sure of your mixture’s quality, the Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer also features tight-sealing inspection hatches which allow for viewing of your aggregate.

To add a Rapid mixer to your plant call us at (800) 325-8084 or email sales@standleybatch.com to upgrade your plant today.


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