All About Aggregate Conveying

All About Aggregate Conveying:


A concrete conveyor is a piece of machinery used to transport mixed concrete from a truck or other containment system to another location to pour and cure. It is possible a concrete conveyor could be part of a cement mixing truck that is mobile once the truck is parked. A concrete conveyor allows workers to mix concrete and transport quickly and efficiently. Another benefit includes the ability to pour large sections of concrete.

STANDLEY BATCH provides a host of aggregate conveying solutions designed with your unique needs in mind. Conveyor systems include a full line of truss and channel frame conveyors, aggregate distributors, mixer charging skip hoists, weight belts and advanced aggregate distributions systems. Conveyor customization comes in a wide variety of offerings, including in-line screening systems, pocket belts, shuttle belts and rotating/pivoting/indexing conveyor systems. Our conveyors can be uniquely designed to fit your needs whether it’s concrete industry, bagging plants or frac sand plants and more. For more information on Standley products log on to

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