Are You Monitoring the Most Potentially Destructive Ingredient in Your Aggregate?

As a concrete manufacturer, you should be well familiar with Abram’s law: a mixture’s water to cement ratio determines the concrete’s strength. In other words, excess water means weaker concrete. 

Serious concrete producers use precise tools for measuring their aggregate contents. And if you’re not measuring moisture condition, you could be compromising your entire batch.

If you value predictability, a batch control system with the capacity to compensate for water on the surface of aggregates or water that will be absorbed into the pore structure of dry aggregates, is mandatory for your plant.

At Standley Batch, our innovative structures ensure your plant is accurately measuring the moisture level of the concrete inside our mixers. The mixer moisture control is also designed to improve plant performance and help product finish properly.

With our aggregate bin moisture control, you have the ability to measure and compensate the aggregate weighing system for moisture discrepancies in the aggregates.

Aggregate bin moisture control improves the concrete quality by delivering the proper yield of aggregate and promoting mixer water objectives.

Contact us to get your plant the moisture measurement tools it needs and to learn about the variety of options we have available.

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