Color Pigment 

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We pride ourselves on our color pigment systems, all designed and constructed in the United States.

Color System/Pigment Batching

Perfectly mix and blend different colors of concrete

Add the Standley Multi-Flow Color System to your batching plant for fast and accurate color dispensing. Perfect for mixing powders or granules, our system allows you to switch between the two with zero modifications or downtime. From blocks and pavers to precast panels and bagged mixes, we have you covered.

Make your color system work for you. Options include:

  • Transportable hopper dispensing
  • Bulk bag hanger dispensing
  • Dry pigment bagging station
  • Dry/slurry slide rack dispensing
  • Ready-mix systems
  • Paver block systems
  • Single or double feed systems

6 Key Benefits of the Standley Multi-Flow Color System

  • LARGE VOLUME PRODUCTION: Not only is the system fast with variable/speed batching, it holds up to 250 pounds slurry or 150 pounds g-grade or c-grade dry
  • QUICK FORMULA CHANGEOVER: Complete cleanout possible after every batch thanks to stainless steel construction and rinse ring on the blending vessel
  • VERSATILITY: Mixers can be located as far as 80 feet away and 40 feet above the dispenser vessel
  • READY WHEN YOU ARE: Stores up to 400 color
    formulas at capacity, with optional expansion
  • ACCURACY: Each batch is individually weighed for
    consistent color batch after batch
  • EASY DISPENSING: Material is dispensed to each mixer
    by flexible or rigid tubing

Exceptional Color Batching for Exceptional Product

At Standley Batch, we offer systems that automatically dose and deliver color pigment directly to the concrete mixer. Our concrete color system offers exceptional operational cost performance and consistency batch to batch.

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