Get Green with the Grey: 5 Easy Steps to Greener Concrete Production

Concrete is by far the longest lasting building material, if it is properly used. The longevity it provides helps to offset the energy it embodies, but in an age of greater awareness of the environment, carbon footprints, and green building, there are simple things that you can do to start a more sustainable approach to concrete fabrication.

Here are some suggestions of different ways to make a move towards a greener business style:

Step 1.) Get Informed. Start by going to to learn more about green building practices.

Step 2.) Better Math. Within the adage of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” one can definitely reduce the amount of concrete they use in their shop or on site by honing their geometry to their mix design and formwork.

Step 3.) Reusable Molds. To backtrack on the previous statement, extra concrete is always better than not enough concrete. There are large collapsible molds of block that will hold a yard of concrete, and you can make little molds for tile or decorative pieces for the shop.

Step 4.) Recycled Material. There are glass recyclers out there that break down and sort bottles by size and color. There is a fly ash that you could experiment with and find a usable mix design.

Step 5.) Get Out That Old Tub. Don’t fire up that ole mixer if you don’t have to. A couple people can easily handle hand mixing 3 cubic feet. Save the gas, the mess, the water, and reduce the extra amount of concrete while burning a few calories.

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