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Ground Level Testing can change the way your plant operates. Here’s how.

There’s no avoiding it: Testing silo-top equipment is essential for any plant handling powder- or dust-based materials.

Most commonly, silo safety systems’ test buttons check that the beacon and alarm on the panel are working. Unfortunately, this does little to confirm actual functionality. Which is why working at height is still required to verify that critical safety equipment is operating correctly. But doing so also increases the risk of employee injury and death. In fact, falls among employees working at heights are the No. 1 cause of on-the-job fatalities in the U.S.*

All of that changes with Ground Level Testing (GLT) technology, developed by Hycontrol as part of the SHIELD silo protection system. With GLT, both testing time and employee risk are minimized. This innovation allows complete functional testing of silo protection equipment in situ, with both feet firmly on the ground – in just six seconds.

The GLT function is integral to Hycontrol’s SHIELD system, enabling site operators to fully check vital safety equipment before every delivery takes place, guaranteeing all system components are working. It’s activated with a single key-turn on the control panel. The system won’t permit a fill to take place until a test has been performed.

As the most advanced SPS on the market today, the SHIELD system is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience and expertise. It has a compact, all-in-one design that can be retrofitted to almost any silo, and GLT is just one of the cutting-edge benefits for industrial manufacturing plants.

  • Reduce spills
  • Decrease filter and silo damage
  • Minimize product loss
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Provide a safer working environment
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • And much more

Hycontrol’s GLT is unique: it fully tests the pressure sensor, level sensor and pressure relief valve, as well as the air supply to the filter self-cleaning mechanism. When a SHIELD SPS passes these tests, site staff can be confident that the filters are not at risk from blinding and pressure build-up, and the silo is safe from overfilling wastage and pollution risks. It’s innovation that protects, prevents and strengthens your operation.

Interested in learning what the SHIELD silo protection system can do for your plant? Learn more: www.standleybatch.com/Hycontrol

*OSHA, 2019

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