How to solve most silo problems

If you’ve been in the concrete industry long, you know that without proper oversight and extensive monitoring, silos can have their share of issues. While most problems lead to a shortened operational life, other problems can put employees in jeopardy.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Hycontrol to distribute their new SHIELD Silo Protection System as an optional upgrade for our cement silos.

SHIELD Silo Protection System benefits

  • Automatically shuts off in case of emergency
  • Keeps silo operators from making frequent trips to the top
  • Withstands fine powder materials
  • Alerts operators when inspection is needed



You may remember seeing the Hycontrol SHIELD System at the 2018 World of Concrete trade show. We had a life-size model in our booth.

The SHIELD System helps control and eliminate many problems associated with silo ruptures, blocked pressure relief valves (PRV), powder blowout, overfilled silos, filter obstructions, environment issues and more.

Silo alerts

Even if the transfer of material during discharge is too high or the filter blocks air from escaping quickly enough, the auto-shutoff system will ensure your silo isn’t compromised. The SHIELD System notifies the operator through the control panel of high-pressure events and other silo failures. Operators can see at a glance when a silo needs closer inspection.

2018 WOC show.jpg

Ground level control panel

The benefit of the SHIELD System over alternatives is its ability to allow maintenance from ground level. Operators can complete silo tests in less than ten seconds by using the master control panel located at the bottom of the silo. This limits the number of risky trips operators take to the top.

PRV monitoring

A silo’s PRV should never discharge product during the transfer of materials. A silo’s filter is meant to reduce product loss and environmental impact, and if product is escaping through the PRV, the filter is clogged. When product is continuously dispersed through a PRV, it solidifies over time and creates dangerous conditions for your material handling plant. The SHIELD System can be configured to notify operators of PRV issues.


Request more information from Standley Batch about Hycontrol’s SHIELD Silo Protection System.

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