How To Talk Prospects Into a Concrete Driveway

While we can all agree concrete is a superior material, convincing those outside the construction industry can be tricky. Surely after all this time, there are better materials out there, right? Obviously not.

We don’t need to spend time convincing you, but you have to convince potential customers. Use some of the points we highlight below to persuade prospects that concrete is the best material for driveways. Feel free to copy and paste the text into an email or save it on your phone for easy reference.

Concrete is easy to maintain and clean. Installation costs and time are minimal compared to natural stone or brick. However, coupling a sleek concrete driveway with a paver border complements both nicely. If you want the brick look without the extra time, cost or maintenance, consider opting for decorative concrete. Concrete is stamped by a pattern to give it the appearance of pavers, bricks or natural stone in a much faster time frame.

Curb appeal                                                                                                                                            Own the most envied house on the block. Concrete looks great and is easily customizable, making it ideal for matching current landscaping features or structures. Concrete can be dyed many colors and take on the texture, shape and pattern of just about anything.

Concrete lasts longer than asphalt. Asphalt lasts about 8 years, while concrete can last 25 years or more. Plus, concrete is resistant to fire, harsh chemicals, freezing and thawing cycles and strong winds.


Easy maintenance                                                                                                                      Cleaning concrete is easy as it rarely stains. If you find stuck-on spots, gently scrub with soap, water and a sponge to dilute the stain.

If you’re adding or updating a driveway, consider using concrete as your material. It’s a versatile product that can adapt to its surroundings, matching or highlighting just about anything it’s near.


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