How We Do Color Batching

We could write all day about how great our Color Batching System.

Every batch is weighed for color consistency to the 1/100 of a pound.

Our system is fast with speeds reaching up to 1,000 RPM.

Our system can produce a lot. We’re talking up to 250 lbs. slurry or 150 lbs. g-grade or c-grade dry.

Cleaning is rapid, with quick changeover from mix to mix.

Dispensing is easy thanks to flexible tubing.

We have options: paver block systems, ready mix systems and more.

Even though we could write all day about the value of our color batching system, we know you’re more interested in how it works.


We’re proud to offer the customizable Color Batching System to meet all your concrete-coloring needs. Call (800) 325-8084 or email to order your unique system today.

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