How Your Plant Can Measure Up to Your Projects

At Standley Batch Systems, Inc. we work with the best materials available to ensure your plant functions to the highest degree. The material of our choice for our plants is Epoxy-Coated Rebar.

Fast facts:

  • Epoxy-coated rebar is used in more than 65,000 bridges across the U.S.
  • Epoxy coating is the second most powerful prevention for reinforcement corrosion
  • Almost all epoxy-coated rebar produced domestically in the U.S. is from CRSI certified plants

Epoxy-Coated reinforced steel has earned its place as a favorite material among concrete manufacturer specialists because of its consistent reliability.

By choosing Standley Batch as your plant’s developer, you’ll know your customized plant shares this same materials as the bridges you and thousands of others drive over every day, and you’ll know your plant will not only stand the test of time and constant traffic but have the strength for even your most substantial jobs.

By choosing Standley Batch, you’ll know you’re prepared to tackle all of your contracts with guaranteed precision and plant dependability.

With over 76 years of experience in the concrete industry, Standley Batch knows what works. Let us get it working for you. Contact us at (800) 325-8084.

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