SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System

The SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System is the most advanced SPS on the market and results from decades of silo pressure technology development, experience, and expertise. A proven, failsafe solution to silo over-pressurization, it has a compact, all-in-one design that retrofits almost any silo.

Powder storage silos are commonplace in many industries but risk over-pressurization during tanker deliveries. The root causes of this are invariably either driver error resulting in uncontrolled air pressure being discharged during the filling procedure or a failure of the filter venting unit. Pressures from as little as 1 psi or less are enough to rupture a silo or blow its filter unit off the top. This factor poses serious risks, which is why a comprehensive, failsafe safety and control system is vital.

System maintenance is simplified, and the long-term cost of ownership is significantly lower than any other system on the market. Along with many new features, SHIELD Lite incorporates a pioneering Ground Level Testing system, in which a single key turn enacts a full-function test of all the crucial safety components, dramatically reducing the need for working at height. Importantly the system is also wholly failsafe, a vital but often overlooked feature. The system can now even inform users if there has been an attempt to override the inlet safety valve.

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Downloadable Resources & Insights

Silo Protection Systems Booklet

Hycontrol SHIELD One Sheet

ShieldLite 20 Manual

Silo Protection System
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Hycontrol Quick Start Guide

Hycontrol Wiring Guide

The SHIELD system controls and eliminates issues associated with:

Silo Ruptures

Blocked Relief Valves

Powder Blowouts

Overfilled Silos

Filter Obstructions

Eight ways the SHIELD silo protection system from Hycontrol can make a difference to your operations:

  • Improves site safety by reducing climbing needs and silo over-pressurization risks
  • Automatic shutoff in the event of pressure spikes, with a 30-second warning for high-level events
  • Comprehensive event logging allows service engineers to tackle system issues before they become problems
  • Reduces maintenance and service costs by testing the whole system in six seconds
  • Improves environmental protection quality through large-scale reduction of product emissions
  • Easy-to-use one-key button ground-level test system guarantees complete silo protection and will not allow filling unless all safety components are proven functional
  • Monitors driver behavior and performance with advanced diagnostics. Site managers are alerted of dangerous filling practices
  • Unique pressure sensor detects vacuum formation, fully opening the valve to remove the vacuum before silo damage occurs

Hycontrol SHIELD Silo Protection System & Installation

Most advanced Silo Protection System on the market: HyControl’s SHIELD. The SHIELD system protects your equipment, your team and your bottom line.

These videos take you through the whole install process step-by-step to get your SHIELD Lite SPS set up and ready for its first delivery.

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