Is Your Silo in DANGER? Learn How the Hycontrol Silo Protection System Can Protect Your Team and Investment

It only takes a small increase of internal pressure (as little as one psi) to rupture a silo or blow the filter unit off the roof – costing your plant time and money, and risking employee safety. Below are some of the most common red flags. Do your silos look like this?





Protect What Matters

The Hycontrol Silo Protection System is the result of decades of silo pressure technology development, experience, and expertise. Standley Batch is proud to offer Hycontrol and promote safety – from ground level to the top of the silo. Learn more about the Hycontrol Silo Protection System and protect your bottom line and keep your team safe.





Most Advanced Silo Protection System on the Market

Hycontrol is a state-of-the-art- pressure monitoring/control system offering advanced diagnostics, ground-level testing and simple installation.



Here are eight ways the SHIELD silo protection system from Hycontrol can make a difference to your operations:

  • Improves site safety by reducing climbing needs and silo over-pressurization risks
  • Automatic shutoff in the event of pressure spikes, with a 30-second warning for high-level events
  • Comprehensive event logging allows service engineers to tackle system issues before they become problems
  • Reduces maintenance and service costs by testing the whole system in six seconds
  • Improves environmental protection quality through large-scale reduction of product emissions
  • Easy-to-use one-key button ground-level test system guarantees complete silo protection and will not allow filling unless all safety components are proven functional
  • Monitors driver behavior and performance with advanced diagnostics. Site managers are alerted of dangerous filling practices
  • A unique pressure sensor detects vacuum formation, fully opening the valve to remove the vacuum before silo damage occurs






Jim Mantz, silo safety at Standley Batch, shares his expertise on why selecting the right silo protection system has a great ROI. Mantz explains, in the following ways, that the projected ROI is threefold.

  • Safety – Death and injury have occurred as a result of over-pressurized silos, causing increases in medical and insurance costs among other financial side effects.
  • Environmental – Over-pressurized silos lead to loss of product in the atmosphere, which can result in sharp fines from the EPA and other environmental agencies. The SHIELD system decreases that environmental impact on production plants.
  • Asset Protection – Silos become damaged, bulged, and even blown apart from over-pressurization. The SHIELD SPS prevents that from happening.





Protect your employees and protect your business. For more information or to talk to a sales representative click here. 



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