Concrete Moisture Control Systems

Concrete Moisture Control Systems.

Keep your aggregate-cement and water-cement ratios accurate batch to batch

Bin Moisture Control

With our aggregate bin moisture control system, controlling aggregate moisture levels and correcting errors is simple. Plant operators can ensure precise water targets, improving overall quality.

Mixer Moisture Control

Our mixer moisture control system accurately measures and monitors dynamic moisture level during mixing, improving overall batch production, quality and plant performance.

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Experts In Moisture Control

Standley Batch is proud to partner with Hydronix for excellence in moisture control systems.

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  • Link up to 16 Hydro-Probes using RS485 connection
  • Stainless steel housing for harsh environments
  • Eye bolt for security and easy extraction
  • Hard-wearing ceramic faceplate
  • Store calibration data and upgrade sensor remotely by RS485 connection (RS232/Ethernet, USB and Analogue connection available in adapter)

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