More than steel and bolts…

There is more to a conveying system than steel and bolts. At Standley Batch Systems, Inc. , we offer a host of aggregate conveying solutions designed to fit your productions needs. Whether you are trenching pipelines, stem mining or on the construction job site, Standley Batch will provide you with the highest quality conveyor systems engineered, designed and built with your needs in mind.

Our conveyors will help your production needs by transporting mixed concrete from a truck or other containment system to another location to pour and cure faster and smoother. A full line of truss and channel frame conveyors, aggregate distributors, mixer-charging skip hoists, weight belts and advanced aggregate distributing systems are just a few parts to our conveying solutions.

At Standley Batch, we understand convenience and strive to ensure our products help you meet your productions end. With total customization, a wide variety of offerings and more than 76 years experience, our conveying solutions are not just steel and bolts, they’re the means to your productions end, all of which are proudly made in the USA.


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