Planning for 2018: 4 Things Construction Professionals Need to Know

The time has come to evaluate 2017’s budget and plan for next year.


While the future is never certain, we’ve compiled a few predictions you should consider as you create next year’s goals.

1. Interest in decorative concrete is on the rise


As the economy grows and more millennials buy homes, low-maintenance features are growing in popularity. Millennials value time and services/products that save them time.

While brick blocks and pavers look nice, there’s no denying they require more upkeep than alternatives.

Many millennials are not aware of decorative concrete as an option for walkways or patios. Often, they encounter decorative concrete without ever realizing it’s decorative concrete instead of blocks or natural rock.

As millennials learn about the low costs and low-maintenance requirements for decorative concrete, we expect more of them to choose concrete as a material for upgrading their home’s curb appeal and sustainability.

2. The precast construction market is growing.


The world’s population is still expanding, and there’s a need for quick and easy dwelling installation.

You may have seen or heard of people living in retired storage containers. The containers are fitted with windows and other living necessities – and yes, they have indoor plumbing.

However, many people are not buying into this cheap fad because storage containers aren’t attractive. And they’re not durable. Many cities are outright banning them.

Meanwhile, precast homes can go up quickly, easily and require little upkeep. They also resist many abrasive chemicals, withstand fires and hold up against strong winds – not to mention they’re much more attractive if done right.

3. Don’t give up on blocks and pavers just yet.

Infiniti Research Limited recently released the Global Paving and Concreting Equipment Market 2017-2021 report.

It forecasts the global paving and concrete market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2 percent from now through 2021.

So, planning should still include plenty of capacity for the block and paver market.

4. You’re going to need more civil engineers. 

With the leftover hurricane destruction, there will be massive rebuilding efforts throughout the Houston, Texas, and Miami, Florida, areas.

But there’s a problem.

As an industry, we are short thousands of engineers.

We’ll all need to motivate those who’ve left the industry to return, and encourage those still in school to seek a career in our field.

As you approach next year’s market, keep these projections in mind. While hiring new blood seems obvious, equipment that can handle the workload is just as important.

We can retrofit your current material handling system or design a new one to meet the expected demand.

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