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Weigh/Batch Hoppers

Increase accuracy and efficiency of your operation with weigh batching. This process helps your plant operate smoothly for maximum productivity.

Standley Batch designs fully automated systems that weigh each batch of aggregate on a belt or in a batcher before it is transferred. This results in precise weights and prevents wasted product, making your production process more efficient. It also gives you accuracy with recorded data of a mix design when needed.  

The belt is continuously cleaned by a belt cleaner at the drive end of the weight belt, which ensures accurate weights. We also design weigh batchers with a collecting conveyor when quicker batch times are needed.

Standley Batch designs and produces all equipment to your exact specifications, right here in the United States. See how our team can help improve your productivity.


  • Discharge of aggregates on belt conveyors, in skip hoists or mixers
  • Square or round weigh hopper
  • Accurate and efficient

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