Rapid Mixers & Parts

Here at Standley Batch we know our way around mixers. In addition to our 70+ years of experience, we used to distribute for nearly all of the major mixer manufacturers. About 15 years ago we switched exclusively to distributing Rapid mixers. They’re high quality, and we feel confident including them in every batch plant we design.

Our customers can choose from Rapid pan mixers, planetary mixers and twin shaft mixers. We’ll help you choose the right one for your plant. For example, a planetary or twin shaft mixer is your best bet for working with pre-cast self-leveling concrete, while a pan mixer is better suited to handling dry mix concrete for block and paver or concrete pipe plants. Once a mixer is chosen it can be customized for your order. Some applications might require one discharge door, others four. We go over all of this in the design stage.

Once you buy a mixer, it’s yours for life. Throughout the course of regular use you’ll need to replace parts at one point or another. In the case of most mixers, those parts come from overseas. When your mixer is down, that overseas lead time can be a big problem. That’s why we keep replacement parts for all of our Rapid mixers on inventory here in our facility. When you call us for a part, we’ll ship it out the next day. And if it’s a real emergency, we can put it on a truck and hand ship it within hours.

A batch plant revolves around its mixer, which is why at Standley Batch our plant design process does as well. By offering the highest quality mixers and keeping replacement parts in stock we do our part to ensure that your batch plant is running optimally.

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