Shave Off Construction Time with Rebar Roll Mats

Imagine the installation time for your building project decreased 80 to 90 percent with minimal effort?

Prefabricated rebar roll mats promise to aid in the reduction of overall labor and time put into construction sites.

Instead of reinforcing crews individually installing reinforcement rods or steel mesh after completing many of the other steps reinforced concrete requires, a crane lifts and drops a roll of reinforcing rods welded to flat steel bands or tied with tie-wire. Installers, often as few as two, roll out the mat like carpet.

This technique eliminates the need for on-site welding and staff with special welding certifications. This technique also keeps the roll mat flexible so adjustments and corrections can be made during and after installation.

You can see these roll mats in action here:

This type of construction is ideal for assembling parking garages, supermarkets, runways, railway lines, bridges and tunnels.

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