Sound is Getting More Concrete

Concrete is beautiful, and the tech industry is finally starting to notice. Master & Dynamic, a premium audio brand out of New York City, recently unveiled the MA770 wireless speaker made with “hand-finished concrete.”

The company is selling the device for a little under two grand, and the device features woven Kevlar, built-in Chromecast Wi-Fi streaming, a removable stainless steel grille and an anodized aluminum control panel. It also includes many of the auxiliary ports you’d need to play your favorite tunes or listen to your weekly podcast if your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are not reliable.

The speaker does not feature the latest version of Bluetooth, which is unfortunate for a proprietary device at this price point. Plus, since it’s made of concrete, you know it’s going to last a long time, which means buyers probably won’t be upgrading for a while. Honestly though, if you do decide to get your hands on this unique device, you probably won’t notice the lack of Bluetooth 5 support for some time.

If you’re interested in learning more or picking one up for yourself or the office, check out the stunning, 16 kg monster here.

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