Standley Batch is American Made

Now more than ever, the desire for American-made products is on the rise.

United States citizens are looking for companies that invest in America for their products and services. From tools to footwear to vehicles, people feel good when the products or services they purchase contribute to the American economy.

Standley Batch Systems is a proud American company, but many American companies are based in America while still importing most, if not all, of their final product from other countries.

Standley Batch manufactures products for every aspect of our concrete paver, precast concrete, prestressed concrete, ready-mix plants, dry-mix plants bagging plants and frac sand plants here in the U. S. We’ve been leading the industry for over 75 years, and as a company, we’re more than just American based, we’re American made. This fact has only further cemented our hold on the industry.

At the same time, Standley Batch knows when it’s time to incorporate other experts.

We are a trusted dealer for Rapid Mixers. Rapid resides in Ireland, and since Rapid’s products go unchallenged, we value their partnership and the high-quality work they continue to put forth. Currently, Rapid’s planetary mixer is uncontested, and we’re proud to have the ability to supply our customers with the best in class.

American manufactures have a reputation to keep up. Consumers know they can trust us to uphold ourselves to U. S. standards and only reach internationally when we know the product is superior than what can be found on our soil.

Standley Batch is located in the middle of America, right on the coast of the Mississippi river. We’re proud to represent Cape Girardeau and America locally, nationally and worldwide.

Email or call Standley Batch Systems today to learn about how we can set you up with a custom plant the American way. Contact us at or call (800) 425-8084.

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