Standley Batch: What is a concrete silo?


At Standley Batch, not only do we meet the needs of customizing complete concrete batch plant systems, we offer top of the line-integrated material handling products. One of the many products we offer, cement silos. Some of our cement silo options include work platforms, anti-overfill devices, many level indicator options, pressure vacuum valve and dust collection. We offer enclosed, skirted tank, rock dust tank (for the mining industry), and drive-thru unloading system for bulk delivery.

Understanding the functionality of a cement silo is crucial when deciding what silo is right for your project. Cement silos are large containers used for storage and distribution of concrete mixtures. Cement silos come in a range of sizes to fit your building needs: from mobile structures that travel to various job sites, to large, standalone structures that have the capacity to house several tons of raw cement mixtures prior to distribution. Although these silos can be mobile, most are permanent structures found at concrete plants for storage until shipped. Cement silos usually use an electric blower at the bottom of the unit to push out contents to a truck.

In addition to new design, Standley Batch offers upgrading or retrofitting current products as well. We customize your upgrade or retrofit to your plant’s needs. We are ready to talk with you regarding your customized cement silo and to answer any questions you might have.

Proudly made in the USA, Standley Batch has 75 years experience with concrete batch plant systems and integrated material handling products. We customize every order and work with you to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to get started on your plant upgrade, retrofit or design. Visit or call (800) 325-8084 for more information.

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