The 2016 Trend to Invest in This Year


While concrete pavers look lavish, recent innovations have shown increased benefits for communities that use them for side roads instead of asphalt. For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, a city very prone to flooding, city officials had six miles of permeable pavers installed to cut down water backup.

Since asphalt is one mass, proper drainage will always be a problem. When flash flooding occurs, asphalt drains do not have the capacity to absorb water as quickly as they need to. This leads to unsafe and stationary water clogging up roadways and ruining property.

Permeable pavers soak up rainwater by filtering it through small spaces between pavers. This cleans the water because any debris is too large to seep through the pavers, helping keep the environment cleaner.

Permeable pavers are more expensive than asphalt, and they can only be used for areas where semis will not be traveling, due to the vibrations.

Overall, permeable pavers show promise. Major cities across the U.S., including Washington D.C. and San Francisco, are looking to invest in the technology.

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