Hycontrol Silo Protection System designed to provide your silos with maximum safety

The Essential Safety Features of Hycontrol Storage Silos

Hycontrol has long been a trusted name in the field of silo safety, and its Silo Protection Systems are second to none. Are you fully aware of these systems’ critical safety features and how they can prevent catastrophic silo overfill?

As a plant owner or manager, it’s important to recognize how these systems can help maintain a safe and efficient operation environment. Keep reading to unlock the potential of your operations and take a step towards a safer, more productive future with Hycontrol Silo Protection Systems.

Key Features of Hycontrol Silo Protection Systems

Hycontrol’s SHIELD Lite Silo Protection System is an advanced, integrated system designed to provide your silos with maximum safety. Essential features include:

    • A compact IP65-rated panel with integrated beacon and siren, clear LED screen, easily visible operating instructions, and individual failure alert lights.
    • Ratio alarms play a crucial role in detecting filter blockage or driver behavior issues, prompting the necessary corrective measures to be taken.
    • This system records and presents comprehensive counts of pressure, level, and PRV opening events. These counts serve as valuable tools to guide and support preventive maintenance efforts.
    • VIPER seals effectively prevent air leakage and water ingress with a hassle-free and convenient removal and replacement process. 
    • The silo top is equipped with easy-grip, quick-release cover retainers that facilitate effortless inspection and cleaning.
    • The durable polypropylene weather shield protects the PRV and electronics from the elements while maintaining their functionality.
    • This high-specification pneumatic filter regulator features an automatic drain system, ensuring precise compressed air control while maintaining accuracy.
    • The test electronics are seamlessly integrated and come with pre-wired level and pressure switches, ensuring a straightforward installation and setup process.
    • The failsafe butterfly inlet control valve is designed to open only when all safety tests have been successfully passed, ensuring maximum reliability and security.
    • The fill valve will automatically shut off in the event of a pressure spike, the pressure relief valve (PRV) opening, or the high-level sensor being activated.
    • The air to the filter/vent unit is monitored and controlled, guaranteeing supply to the self-cleaning system and eliminating unnecessary wastage.
    • The SHIELD Lite system operates entirely on a 24 V DC power supply, ensuring safe and low-voltage power requirements.

These are just some of the essential safety features that Silo Protection Systems offer. Simple, reliable components and advanced, high-specification pneumatic systems make these systems the best option for maximum safety. 

The Importance of Hycontrol Silo Protection Systems for Your Business

Hycontrol’s silo overfill protection system is designed for both safety and efficiency. By keeping the silos from overfilling, they help to prevent catastrophic accidents that could potentially have devastating consequences.

They also reduce the amount of time and money spent on maintenance and repair, as regular maintenance is much easier with their advanced systems. The utilized technology performs a comprehensive system check within a mere six seconds, reducing maintenance time and service costs.

Additionally, the pressure sensor of the system detects not only pressure but also vacuum. When it detects this condition, it will open both the inlet and pressure relief valves completely to eliminate the vacuum and prevent any damage to the silo.

Furthermore, these systems are easy to install and use. All the components needed for safety can be purchased, and you can count on our dedicated technical support team for any queries or issues.

Lastly, the SHIELD Lite system is integrated with Hycontrol’s Safety App, which enables remote monitoring and control of the silo from any mobile device. This ensures complete peace of mind while allowing you to closely monitor your operations.

Why Choose Standley Batch for Your Hycontrol Silo Protection System?

At Standley Batch, we understand what it means to manage a concrete plant effectively and safely. 

    • Our experienced team is always ready to guide you through the selection process to ensure you invest in the right system.
    • We provide comprehensive support and assistance throughout the installation and setup process.
    • Plus, we offer a free online evaluation to ensure that a silo safety system is suitable for your specific application.

Get the Most Out of Your Silos with Hycontrol

At Standley Batch Systems, Inc., we understand the importance of safety and are proud to offer our customers access to the most reliable silo protection systems available. Hycontrol’s products offer superior flexibility and reliability, from comprehensive monitoring systems to easy-to-use interfaces.

In addition, our products include a diverse selection of equipment, including blending systems and industrial mixers. We also provide a comprehensive range of replacement parts for various equipment, such as Rapid mixers and Hycontrol systems.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you maintain a safe and efficient worksite. Contact us today to learn more or discuss your specific needs.

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