The Importance of Retrofitting: Earthquakes

As the saying goes, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” In a recent article, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, proposed the most ambitious seismic safety regulations in California history. This proposal requires owners to retrofit thousands of concrete buildings most at risk of collapsing during an earthquake.

Concrete building retrofits can cost from tens of thousands of dollars to more than $1 million for large offices. Although the cost seems unbearable to most, Garcetti acknowledges doing nothing would be far worse and would dent Los Angeles’ economy for decades.

The mayor offered suggestions when asked how the bill would be footed. “Business tax breaks for those who retrofit buildings or a five-year exemption from the city’s business tax for firms that move into newly retrofitted buildings.”

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Not only did this article catch our attention because we offer concrete retrofitting our own way; Standley Batch is a strong advocate of safety and taking smart precautions. We happen to be located in an earthquake prone region, sitting on the New Madrid fault line so we understand the significance.

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