The Ingredient Your Concrete Needs

As a baby-powder like substance, Fly Ash is becoming one of the most important substances for the efficient production of concrete.

So, what exactly is Fly Ash?

Fly Ash is the remaining fragments from burned coal. Various equipment, like electrostatic precipitators or bag houses, collect Fly Ash as it burns off coal. The exact formula varies from composition to composition, but usually the tiny particles are composed of small glass spheres.

Fly Ash is one of the most affordable substances for concrete strength and durability. Further, Fly Ash is efficient at reducing the need for water while improving concrete workability.

Because of its shape, Fly Ash is the ideal component for powder concrete mixtures. Since Fly Ash doesn’t absorb as much water as other ingredients, concrete degradation is minimal compared to other materials.

If your plant’s been using other ingredients like Portland Cement, consider making the switch to the environmentally friendly and more cost-effective option. While switching may require an initial adjustment, the long-term return on investment will be worth your while.

Here at Standley Batch, we have just want you need to get started with Fly Ash, especially with our Fly Ash Silos for storage. Contact us at or call (800) 425-8084 to learn how we can retrofit your current plant equipment to work with the latest technology and materials.

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