The Trends Are Minimal for Concrete Pavers

Minimalism is on the rise for many American families. At one time, property owners looked for lavish designs and demanding patterns to fill their spaces. These themes would come to life in carpets, furniture, wallpaper and so on.

More and more often, homes are now going the minimalist route. This is especially apparent in the movement back to sleek hardwood floors over carpet; flat and straight furniture over rounded; and simple but striking accents placed strategically on natural-toned matte walls.

This trend is also trickling out the door and into landscaping design.

Up until recently, many property owners were interested in color and patterns in their driveways and walkways. These patterns are more than just eye catching but often the center of attention. Concrete pavers are usually the material of choice for achieving these desired looks because of their lasting quality and range of value.

As with most trends, people are beginning to desire a more subdued look when it comes to their landscapes. Concrete pavers should still be the material of choice. With the numerous benefits concrete pavers offer, there shouldn’t be difficulty in convincing customers that for a style that complements, pavers are the way to go.

While showing your future customers examples of your work, be sure to include examples of concrete paver designs supplementing the surroundings instead of standing out. Modern looks are angling more toward neutral colors, simple patterns and overall quiet arrangements. Your customer may not know what they want until they see it. Make sure you’re the one capturing their vision.

Some customers may still crave intricate, eye-catching designs. Keep many variations of your work throughout your portfolio to showcase the range of your creative work. Whether your clients are interested in keeping up with the trends or really making their walkway pop, prove to them concrete pavers are diverse enough to meet their desires.

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