There Seems to be a Misunderstanding

The public often believes concrete is simple.

It’s water and gravel – adjust as needed.

This information comes from weekend projects in the backyard, mixing a store-bought bag of aggregate in an unbalanced wheelbarrow.

Water is an afterthought, crawling through a sunbaked hose until it’s added to the mixture.

While this gets the job done as well as trying to dice a tomato with a butter knife, it looks like it works, and that’s all that matters once the weekend ends.

When that pole they’ve erected using concrete falls over in five years, they’ll blame time, erosion and the wind.

They won’t understand their concrete failed them because they failed the mixing process.

And that’s okay.

Because you do understand.


And you recognize that Rapid mixers are built for precision and true professionals.



Produce quality homogenized mixes and outputs ideal for small and large applications, precast plants, prestressed plants, concrete pavers and mixing semidry colored concrete.

Rapid Planetary Mixer Features

  • Easy-to-reach motor and gearbox
  • Perfect for smaller material handling plants
  • Suited for precast, brick, glass, mortar and clay industries, in addition to others
  • Extras include starter panels, door proximity switches, a washout system and more
  • Outputs range from .5 yds³ to 4 yds³


Compact in design with comprehensive power to mix all aggregates, the Twin Shaft mixer is the ultimate companion for ready-mix plants, precast plants and prestressed concrete plants.

Rapid Twin Shaft Mixer Features

  • Fully integrated access and inspection hatches that allow for viewing during mixing
  • Features heavy-duty hydraulic-powered rams
  • Reduces the time needed for homogenous mixes
  • Synchronize gearboxes easily with maintenance-free driveshaft coupling
  • Suited for precast, brick, glass, mortar and clay industries, in addition to others
  • Outputs range from 4 yds³ to 6 yds³


This high-capacity concrete mixer is a ready-mix industry powerhouse.

Rapid Pan Mixer Features

  • Durable chill cast wear sleeves and paddles
  • Mixing arms ensure all materials are kept in constant motion in every direction
  • Perfect for many materials, such as precast, brick, glass, mortar and clay
  • More than 12 different add-on options
  • Outputs range from .75 yds³ to 5 yds³



Standley Batch is your best source for Rapid replacement parts for mixer paddles, liners and all other Standley concrete batching equipment – with quick delivery.

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Concrete isn’t rocket science, but it’s pretty damn close.


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