There’s No Substitute for Experience

Standley Batch is a great company with the skills to get the job done right, every time. What makes this possible is that every member of our team knows the business inside and out. Take for instance our three owners: Ted Holzum, Shapley Hunter and Sally Strickland. They purchased the company from the previous owner in 2000 after working their way through the ranks. Ted started out as a welder, worked his way up to a lead man, then to shop foreman before becoming an owner. Shapley started out as a draftsman and is now in charge of plant layout and design. Sally has maintained her post as office manager as the size of the business has continued to increase.

That kind of experience isn’t unique to the owners. Recently, we had a shop employee retire after 40 years with Standley Batch, a truly amazing accomplishment. Many of our other employees have been with us for 15 and 20 years.

And what about new employees? We work to get them the up to speed not just on their own work, but on the company as a whole, seeking to bestow some of the knowledge our veterans have learned over the years. One of the ways we do this is by going on plant tours to facilities utilizing completed Standley Batch systems. This gives our employees the chance to see how all of their individual work comes together. Nothing compares to the pride of seeing a finished system that you helped build, and it’s invaluable to see how your part is incorporated into a whole. To help further this understanding, we also work to cross train all of our employees.

All of this together means the entire team here at Standley Batch knows what it takes to get the job done. That translates into shorter lead times and higher quality systems. Our employees take pride in their work, and we take pride in them, so when you purchase a system from Standley Batch our entire team stands behind it.

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