Your One Stop Shop for Batch Plants

Typically, a customer has to buy a mixer from one company and a batch plant from another. In some cases the supply chain is fractured further, with different plant components like conveyor systems or bins coming from different manufacturers.  That can create a number of problems. For one thing, it can potentially cause scheduling difficulties. If the mixer or the plant components are delayed, then an entire production schedule can be thrown off. Once everything arrives, there’s no guarantee that it will all fit together as it should.

Standley Batch is the only company left in our industry who does it all. We manufacture the entire plant with the exception of the mixer, which we supply. After we help a customer select the right mixer for their application, we get to work on their batch plant. Each component of the plant is designed around the specific mixer chosen. That way our customers are assured that everything will bolt and fit together exactly as it should. When we’re finished we send everything over together: mixer and plant components. Once everything has arrived, our erecting crew is there to put it all together.

When constructing a new batch plant, you can manage the complicated logistics of multiple suppliers, or you can work with Standley Batch. We’re your one stop shop for batch plants and mixers.

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